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Satellite Clubs establish links with clubs and schools, colleges and other community settings and groups to create opportunities for children and young people aged 14-19 to participate in regular sport or physical activity.

What is a Satellite Club?

  • An extension of a community sports club (hub club).
  • Held at a familiar site (such as school, college, youth centre or other community setting) to make the transition to the hub club much easier.

What does a Satellite Club look like and what is the focus?

  • 14-19 year olds
  • Must focus on inactive participants
  • Must focus on one the following demographics: Girls, Disability groups, BAME or individuals of lower socio-economic circumstance.
  • Satellite clubs can be in a range of sport or physical activities, from hockey to yoga.
  • Satellite clubs can be funded for up to 30 weeks initially and should become fully sustainable.
  • All satellite clubs should be open to the community, not just host site participants.
  • Participant income must be redirected back into the club

What can funding be used for?

  • Coaching/delivery costs
  • Qualifications and training
  • Equipment
  • Venue/facilities
  • Incentives
  • Further funding may also be available to help sustain the satellite club following the funding period

What are the benefits?

  • Increase club's membership, resulting in greater income through subscriptions
  • Attract new groups to community sport
  • Improve long-term sustainability of the club
  • Raise profile of the club, venue and partner organisation to attract interest from partners and funders
  • Provides opportunities to train and recruit volunteers and leaders
  • Introduces inactive individuals to a new activity and increases the likelihood of retaining them in activity

If you have an idea for a satellite club please complete the Expression of Interest form below.

Satellite Club Expression of Interest

Satellite Club Expression of Interest

Please provide a brief outline of your plans or ideas, this does not need to be detailed as an application form will follow once a member of the team has contacted you. 

Chris Corke

Chris Corke

Project Officer (Workforce)

Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire

  • Workforce Planning, Recruitment, Development and Deployment
  • Volunteering Recruitment and Opportunities
  • Coaching Plan Implementation
  • Education & Training Programme
  • Satellite Club Lead
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