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Education and Training

It is within our minimum standards of operation for all adults working with children to have undertaken a safeguarding and protecting children course. We therefore organise a number of regular UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children courses across Herefordshire and Worcestershire which all sports clubs and organisations can access and can be found here.

If applicable, we will adhere to and uphold the safeguarding qualification requirements set out by National Governing Bodies (NGB's) as minimum standards for an individual to carry out a given role. This may involve the completion of an NGB specific safeguarding qualification or alternative equivalent to the UK Coaching workshop.

In addition we also offer Time To Listen Multi Sport courses each year, enabling clubs and organisations to build upon the learning taken from the Safeguarding and Protecting Children course to up-skill a Club Welfare Officer (CWO) or Safeguarding lead.

The Ann Craft Trust (ACT) run three levels of Adult Safeguarding courses. Each course is designed to meet the needs of the delegates and includes presentations, small group work, single and multi-agency group work, case studies, quizzes, DVDs and plenary sessions.

They have experienced tutors who will be able to adapt training materials to meet specific needs on the day as necessary.

Action plans will include specific areas of work to be developed with timescales and outcomes.

Find out more at www.anncrafttrust.org/safeguarding-adults-in-sport-training