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Calling Worcestershire’s Prostate Cancer patients…

Posted: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 12:31

Calling Worcestershire’s Prostate Cancer patients…

Do you fancy yourself as the next Harry Kane? Worcestershire Royal Hospital radiographers Richard Cormie and Dan Bloomer ae working with Macmillan Move More and with Prostate Cancer UK to arrange a game of walking football for prostate cancer patients. When asked why this was important to him, Richard said, "It's important that cancer patients don't feel isolated during treatment and we want to encourage our patients to keep active whilst hopefully enjoying themselves in a socially friendly environment." Dan added "Research has shown that some men can be reluctant to seek social support through formal support groups so it is hoped that by organising a walking football match these patients might be more willing to come forward and enjoy a friendly game with fellow prostate cancer patients."

The evening is also open to those men who have finished their treatment but who would like to increase their activity levels and no prior football or walking football experience is required. Di Fox, Macmillan Move More Physical Activity Co-ordinator, said, "Keeping active is a really good way of dealing with both the physical and the emotional side effects of a cancer diagnosis and the associated treatment. With certain cancers, including prostate, there is also evidence to show that physical activity slows disease progression and reduces the risk of recurrence."

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