Healthier, Happier, Fitter, Stronger (HHFS) has been developed and run in partnership with Worcestershire CRC and Mettabox CrossFit Droitwich. Young people were identified as being in the 'contemplation' stage of the behaviour change model, having told their offender managers that they wanted to take part in sports or physical activity, however did not currently feel fit, or confident enough to do so. Thus HHFS was designed to engage the participants in functional, fitness-based activities to address this need whilst simultaneously increasing their individual development and promoting physical wellbeing to enable them to take up the sport/activity of their choice. Additionally the project also focused on emphasising sustainable lifestyle changes to underpin their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and facilitate lasting transformation.

Now in it's 5th cycle, the programme has exceeded all expectations, with young people going on to complete PT qualifications, gain employment, and one winning the BBC Power of Sport Award at this year's Herefordshire & Worcestershire Sport Awards. 75% of participants have engaged in at least 50% of the project - a significant statistic given the chaotic lifestyles of these young people. Many of the participants had poor engagement levels with the Community Rehabilitation Company but the engagement rates with both the course, and the individual's offender managers have increased throughout the duration of the project. Outcome Star, an evidence-based tool for supporting and measuring change, has been used to evaluate the impact of the project as it specifically focuses on individual development. Self-assessment take place prior to and following completion of the project; young people have seen an increase in all areas – aspiration, contribution, confidence, learning, people & support and communicating. Young people identified that they feel more confident, both in their physical ability, but also mentally. One young person reported that he has now stopped smoking, both cannabis and tobacco, as a direct result of engaging in the project as he identified the negative impact this was having on his ability to train effectively.

For more information regarding this project, please contact our Youth Engagement Officer, Josh Skinner.