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Street Games Multi-skills Activator

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Street Games Multi-skills Activator

Street Games have developed the Multi-Skills Activator in order to provide volunteers, young people, youth & community workers and community sports coaches and leaders with a multi-skill approach to coaching young people in their local community.

Ourside Youth Centre, Broadway Road, Evesham, WR11 1BH
Chris Corke / c.corke@worc.ac.uk / 01905542229

Street Games Multi-skills Activator

The workshop will provide a chance to experience games across a range of sporting categories and learners will combine their existing coaching and leadership skills and experience with the games, adaptations and top tips within the workshop to engage young people in multi sports.

Aims of the Workshop:

  • To introduce 4 categories of fundamental sports skills
  • To explore principles of play within 4 fundamental sports skill categories
  • To deliver a range of adapted practices and games
  • To explore coaching points, adaptations and questions for understanding





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