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What is Gaelic Football?

Gaelic Football is a combination of rugby and football.

Gaelic Football is a field game which is played on a rectangular pitch. The goalposts are the same shape as on a rugby pitch, with the crossbar lower than a rugby one and slightly higher than a football one.

The ball used in Gaelic Football is round and slightly smaller than a football. The ball can be carried by the player for a distance of four steps and must then be kicked or "hand-passed" (a striking motion with the hand or fist). A player cannot bounce the ball twice in a row. To score, the ball must go over the crossbar by foot or hand / fist for one point or under the crossbar and into the net by foot or the hand / fist, in certain circumstances for a goal, the latter being the equivalent of three points. Each team consists of 15 players, lining out as per the diagram.

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