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Satellite Clubs

We establish links with community clubs and schools, colleges and other educational or community settings to create opportunities for children and young people aged 14+ to participate in regular sport or physical activity.

A satellite club is an extension of a community sports club (hub club) which is established in a new venue such as a school, college, university or other community site. It targets those aged 14-25 (11+ if at a Middle School).

Satellite clubs are run by established sports clubs with the aim of attracting a new audience to their sports club. Bringing their expertise to a setting which young people are familiar with (such as a school) makes the transition from school or college sport to community clubs much easier.

To develop a high quality, sustainable satellite club network, we will build and develop the link between schools or colleges and hub clubs to ensure we continue to engage children and young people in regular sports participation.

Satellite clubs can be in a range of sport or physical activities, from hockey to yoga. They are an ideal way for schools or colleges to extend their sporting provision and engage for more young people.

What can funding be used for?

We can provide support and funding for up to 30 weeks; which can be used for items such as coaching, qualifications, equipment and venues. We will work with the satellite club venue and the hub club to ensure it is sustainable after the funding period.

If you have an idea for a satellite club please complete the Expression of Interest form below.

Bethan Watson

Bethan Watson

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